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Buy blazers for women, Cheap blazers for women

Buy blazers for women, Cheap blazers for women

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      Tailoring gets fresh for Spring, as directional shapes, cute shorts, statement skirts and punchy colour palettes take the lead. Channel the ‘90s revival with skirt suits in candy coloured pops or go head-to-toe in print for a bold statement. Try working a softer silhouette with pyjama-inspired jackets and gently tailored trouser suits.

Craving a cardigan for your chilly office? How about a sequin studded blazer to toughen up your fave LBD? Perhaps a fitted blazer? Then come on over 'cause we have everything you need and even more that you’ll want. We know that the perfectly patterned jacket can take you from basic beauty to bodacious babe and we’re happy to give you hundreds of options. Striped, shearling trimmed, and satin-finished toppers all can be found in our extensive selection, along with vegan leather jackets, sweaters, and leopard cardigans ideal for giving you a real reason to be catty. Each jacket, cardigan, and blazer is selected with the intent of making you the most stylish girl on the block. Our wide selection of designer-inspired jackets, celebrity-friendly cardigans, and polished blazers will appeal to any girl and at our prices you’ll definitely be able to afford one in each color!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Designer Wedding Sherwani For Men

Designer Wedding Sherwani For Men

Designer Wedding Sherwani for men are the most preferred ensemble for a wedding, engagement function, sangeet function, reception parties & every other occasion of a wedding. When paired with a gregarious Indian jutti & an elegant stole it completes the royal look of the bridegroom. Also, recently it is noted that bridegroom's prefer to match their Wedding Sherwani as per the bridal wear of their bride.

Wedding is a once-in-a life occasion in which groom & bride are strongly recommended for wearing ideal traditional attires. Grooms Mostly like to wear Shervanis, suits & Kurta Pyjamas & these are the traditional attires for grooms. Groom Wedding Sherwani may be of knee length or longer. It is a close fitted jacket like garment that has the opening in front with Stylish button fastening - a Nehru collar & havcing lots of hand work completed on it. This traditional Indian wear Sherwani signifies elegance & style. Colorful Shervanis ranging from few thousand to lakhs are ideal to add glitter on groom�s character. Sherwani is the typical apparel of the Punjabi & North Indian wedding. The Sherwani looks lovely on tall & well-built people.

Designer Wedding Sherwani is an garment worn in South Asia, similar to an Achkan or doublet, & is historicallyin the past associated with the Muslim aristocracy of the northern Indian subcontinent. It is worn over the Kurta & Churidar, Khara pajama, a shalwar. It can be distinguished from the achkan by the fact that it is often made from heavier suiting fabrics, & by the presence of a lining.

The Royal White Embroidered Groom Sherwani is a masterpiece of combination of thread work by craftmen. The different crafting design on the sherwani is no doubt appreciable. The combination of light and heavy thread work at a same time looks so awesome. The sherwani is well suited to the gentlemen who love to wear white. The sleeves and body of sherwani are equally ornamented with the artistic thread work.

Gone is the time when men liked to wear only their shirts & trousers. Now they are open to experiments & fashion. To cater to the changing tastes of men, lots of new Men's Wear is available in the market. Wedding Apparel for men include Sherwanis, Jodhpuri suits, Designer Achkans, Kurta Pyjama, Indo western Suit etc.

Sherwani is designed with a mandarin buttoned up collar & usually ends well below the knees. The tall & good-looking look of the bridegroom is further improved by these elegant looking Sherwanis Suits. Studded with Stones, crystals, Beads & Swarovski, meticulous care is taken to bring out the Sherwani designs.

Sherwani collection comprises of plenty of styles, patterns, fabric and designs. This is because of the growing demand of Men's Sherwani. Made out of brocade, silk or georgette, these Sherwani styles never go out of style. Hand Embroidered Sherwanis are a major hit because of the intricate patterns and meticulous craftsmanship involved. The Designer Sherwanicome out not in various rich fabrics but also in exquisite colors ranging from bold gold, copper to pastel shades of lavender and pink.

Customized according to the Sherwani measurements of the bridegroom, this ethereal ensemble makes him stand out on the marriage day. Matched with an Indian ethnic Sherwani shoe - Jutti, these Sherwanis make the bridegroom look like a Greek god.
Now shopping for a wedding Sherwani is made much simpler thanks to the Sherwani collection available in online sites. Sitting at home, any can browse through the immense collection & pick a Sherwani online. can also select the turban, jutti & a stunning stole to go along with the Sherwani bought online.

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Mens Hats, Hats For Women

Mens Hats, Hats For Women.

Hats have become an fashion in this century, in Traditional time Hats & Caps were used to save our head from sunrays, elements, safety etc.. but now a days Hats have become as part of our day to day life. Hats are used to cover our Head and it can also be worn for protection against the elements, for ceremonial or religious reasons, for safety, or as a fashion accessory. Hats are available for all the generations and they are also coming in Mens Hats, Womens Hats, etc.. The young generations are weaing hats in colleges, parties and for Ourdoor visits.
        There are some famous Hat makers around the globe one is James Lock & Co, Sharp & Davis of 6 Fish Street Hill,  John B. Stetson is a well-known American Hat company & for Women Hats Sarah Jessica Parker and Lady Gaga are leading the way.

--> Hats are available in various designs :

1) Crown : This type of hats are like the crowns which were used by the kings in ancient times for showing the status, they are like dome shape structure on our head.

2) Peak : This Hats are like an projection in front of the hat, used to shade or shield the eyes from sun and rain.

3) Brim : an optional projection of stiff material from the bottom of the hat's crown horizontally all around the circumference of the hat.

4) Hatband : This types of hats are having Band surrounded toward the bottom of the hats.

5) Lining : for some hats there is a silk lining, often bearing the maker's name and label.

-->  The following are the available Hat Styles :
1) Ascot cap : This comes in category of Caps, this are looking very good & also useful for protecting our head from sunrays by its front projection.

2) Ayam : A Traditional Korean Hat.

3) Balaclava : This is like covering our all head excluding our eyes, this is very useful in winter season.

4) Balmoral bonnet : This Hats are used in Scotland in Traditional time.

5) Baseball cap : This are simple Caps can be worn by anyone, normally used while playing outdoor games.

6) Bearskin : this are used by the military peoples in ancient time.

7) Beaver hat : Hats made of felted beaver fur.

8) Beret : Soft round Cap, usually of wool felt, with a flat crown, worn by both men and women.

9) Bicorne : This Hat comes in two way cornered shape.

10) Boonie Hat : A soft cotton wide-brim hat commonly used by militaries. Similar to a bucket Hat.

11) Bucket Hat : A soft cotton hat with a wide & curve at the bottom.

12) Busby : A small fur military Hat.

13) Campaign Hat : This hat having an outer projection at all four side.

14) Casquette : A small-Projected cap often worn by cyclists.

15) Chullo : this Hats comes with an ear flap, aseful in winters.

16) Chupalla : Straw Hats.

17) Cricket Cap : Used in Ancient time while playing cricket now also the hav been worn by australia cricket team.

18) Cowboy Hat : High-crowned, wide-brimmed hat, with a sweatband on the inside, and a decorative hat band on the outside. Customized by creasing the crown and rolling the brim.

19) Fedora : Red felt Hats in the shape of a truncated cone.

20) Flat cap : A soft, round men's cap with a small brim in front.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Jeans, Denim, Wrangler, Levi's Strauss, Lee

Jeans, Denim, Wrangler, Levi's Strauss, Lee.

      Jeans are trousers for Men, Women and Kids  made from denim. Denim is a Fabric Used for making Jeans. A quantity of the earliest American blue denims were made by Levi Strauss, Calvin Rogers, and Jacob Davis in 1873. Beginning of the 1950s, denims were, originally designed for working people, became popular among teenagers. Historic brands include Levi's, Wrangler, and Lee. Denims come in various fits, including skinny, straight, boot cut, tapered, Mommy-cut, maternity, and flare.

Jeans are now a popular kind of casual dress around the globe, and have been so for plenty of years. They come in plenty of styles and colors; however, "blue jeans" are identified with American culture, the American Old West.
Manufacturing processes :
  • Dyeing :
           Traditionally, denims are dyed to a blue color using indigo dye. Some other colors that can be achieved are yellow, black, pink, blue, and white. These colors are achieved by coloring other fabrics to resemble jeans. About twenty million tons of indigo are produced yearly for this purpose, though only a few grams of the dye are necessary for each pair of these trousers.
  • Pre-shrinking of jeans :
           Hal Burgess In the 1970s first introduced "pre-washed" denims. They was a salesman for his father, who owned a sizable jeans manufacturing company in Cartersville, Georgia. While on a sales trip, there was a floodwater in the hotel room where Burgess was storing denims. They asked the hotel owner if they could rent out the pool to wash the flooded denims. The denims shrunk but Hal decided to market them as 'pre-washed' denims & sold them sizes smaller than they were initially labelled. This was the first time 'pre-shrunk' denims were marketed.
  • Used look or wash created by sandblasting :
             Many consumers in Western societies are willing to pay additional for denims that have the appearance of being used. To give the fabrics the right worn look sandblasting is used. Sandblasting has the risk of causing silicosis to the workers, and in Turkey, over 5,000 workers in the textile industry have been stricken with this disease, and 46 people were affected by the disease and finally died. Sweden's Fair Trade Middle conducted a survey among 17 textile companies that showed only a few were aware of the dangers caused by sandblasting denims by hand. Several companies said they would abolish this technique from their own production.

Evolution of the Jeans :

     Initially, denims were basically sturdy trousers worn by workers, in the factories in the work during World War II. In this period, men's denims had zipper down the front, whereas women's denims had zipper down the right side. During 1960s, both men's and women's denims had the zipper down the front. Denims usually fit loosely, much like a pair of bib overalls without the bib. Indeed, until 1960, Levi Strauss denominated its flagship product "waist overalls" than "jeans".

After James Dean popularized them in the film Rebel Without a Cause, wearing denims by teenagers and youth and/or young adults became a symbol of youth rebellion in the work of the 1950s. Because of this, they were sometimes banned in theaters, restaurants and schools. Nowadays, however, denims are worn to plenty of types of venues and events, even some events that ostensibly need formal apparel.

In the 1970s the denim industry introduced the Stone-Washing system developed by GWG also called "Great Western Garment Co.". Donald Freeland of Edmonton, Alberta pioneered the system, which helped to bring denim to a bigger and more versatile market. Acceptance of denims continued through the 1980s and 1990s to the point where denims are now a wardrobe staple, with the average North American owning five pairs. Currently, denims may be seen worn by people of both genders and all ages.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Jeans, Maternity Jeans, Armani, Wrangler, Paige

Jeans, Maternity Jeans, Armani, Wrangler, Paige

Maternity Jeans

       Pregnancy is the dream of all the womens and also hactic of all figure challenges, so you need the most flattering jeans ever. We found them! After testing, re-testing, and talking to pregnant womens with the very best same taste, we have come up with preggo-mamas favorites.One of the tough parts about being pregnant is that maternity clothes can be so dull, and your own favorites like jeans tend to be the first thing your belly outgrows. There is no need to wear lame maternity jeans. Here are some cute, cool and comfortable maternity jeans for pregnant women.
Our rules are simple: They have to look beautiful, and they have to make a worthy effort to fight PPB (pregnancy plumber's butt).
Good news: You don't have to wait and spend a lot to look Beautifull. Many of our trendiest mamas demanding and confessed to being die-hard Old Navy and Gap fans.
 Here are our recommends :

1)   Jeans for Pregnant women : The type of maternity jeans you buy will be dictated a little by how far along    you are in your pregnancy. Maternity jeans with simple fabric bands at the top work well in early and half stage of pregnancy, but you will probably want capacious jeans towards the end of your pregnancy.

2)    The Best Maternity Jeans are : Paper Denim & Cloth’s Straight Leg Maternity Jean.

3)   Flattering and chic maternity jeans: PIETRO BRUNELLI’S pret-a-porter maternity line will make you the most delicious mummy in the list.

4)  Here, our new one:  Paige  Maternity Jeans,

Why we love them because : Paige is famous for his style and making jeans with amazing fit. So pg-fashionistas rejoiced when their maternity line debuted. You get the same 10-pounds-thinner look of the original, except for the soft nylon mid-belly panel. Plus, Amanda Peet looked adorable stepping out in her Paiges when she was pregnant.

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Jewellery Insurance, Jewellery

Jewellery Insurance, Jewellery

         Jewellery is an integral part of our culture & our lives, We use to wear it any occasion or even a regular day. However, these valuables require to be safeguarded against various risks, which may not be covered under other policies. Jewellery Insurance safeguards this asset for you, securing it against all kind of risks. The only product of its kind in the industry, Jewellery Insurance provides complete security for gold / jewellery, when it is worn by the policyholder in person or while being carried to the bank lockers. Absolute security & coverage is given against housebreaking & fire, in respect of items kept at home / bank locker. Result: Complete peace of mind.

  The policy offers the following benefits :
    * Worldwide coverage 24x7,
    * All risks covered,
    * No list of items to be insured required,
   * A special provision of 5% cumulative bonus in the sum insured is provided on renewal, if no loss is reported in the expiring policy,
   * Protection against loss of jewellery due to Burglary or Fire while at home or being carried to the bank locker,
   * Minimum documentation,
    *Upto certain limits.
list of company giving jewellery insurance in india.

 1)     Religare
         Contact Person :Ms Ruchi Pandey
         Call Mobile :+(91) - 9819195958
         Email ID :ruchipandey2@rediffmail.com
         Address 406 Royal Plaza,Nr Link Road Lokhandwala, Nr Fame Adalab, Mumbai - 400053

2)      Oriental Insurance Company Ltd
         Contact Person :MS Mamta Prashad
         Call :+(91) - (022) - 22820561, 22049455
         Fax :22851619
         Email ID :oicmro1agm@vsnl.net
         Address 7 Oriental House 2nd Flr, J Tata RD, Nxt TO Samrat Hotel, Churchgate, Mumbai - 400020

3)     Alliance Insurance Brokers Pvt Ltd
        Contact Person :MR S V Thakkar/mr Jigar Parikh
        Call :+(91) - (022) - 66776860, 66776861
        Mobile :+(91) - 9820647052, 9820210346
        Fax :66776862
        Email ID :info@allianceinsurance.org
        Address 205 2nd Flr Vireshwar Chambers, M G RD, Shaan Cinema Cmpd, Vile Parle E, Mumbai -     400057

4)     K K Associates
        Contact Person :MR Kamtaprasad Kannaujia
        Call :+(91) - (022) - 24125649
        Mobile :+(91) - 9869065336, 9892338265
        Email ID :kkkalpak@yahoo.com
        Address 6/320 - A K M C Cmpd, M J Phule Marg, Naigaon Bhd Dadar Fire Brigade, Dadar E, Mumbai - 400014

5)     Insurance Solutions
        Contact Person :MR Jimmy Vora
        Call :+(91) - (022) - 28620139
        Mobile :+(91) - 9892136780
        Address Flat NO 303/304, Punit Apts,Marve RD, Adarsh Dairy LN, Malad W, Mumbai - 400064

6)     Ahura Realtors
        Contact Person :Mrs Kaveeta Dastur
        Call :+(91) - (022) - 23804000
        Mobile :+(91) - 9819194555
        Email ID :kaveetadastur@gmail.com
        Address Great Eastern Royal B Wing Flat NO 2 13th Flr,Belassis Bridge, Tardeo, Mumbai - 400034

7)     Vhv Finance & Consultancy Services
        Contact Person :MR Vijay Vora/mr Harish
        Call :+(91) - (022) - 22665300, 22692757, 22692758
        Email ID :vhvfinance@yahoo.com
        Address 2/h, Jeevan Sahakar,Homji Street, Off Sir P M Road, Above Kashmir Arts Emporium, Fort, Mumbai - 400001

8)     Praful Jain
        Contact Person :MR Praful S Jain
        Call :+(91) - (022) - 32544402
        Mobile :+(91) - 9820807235
       Address C/o Mona Fashions Shop NO 3, 36 Bazaar Road, NR Jain Mandir, Bandra W, Mumbai -  400050

9)     Sughandbahar Traders
        Contact Person :MR Kirit Premchand Parekh
        Call :+(91) - (022) - 23680354
        Mobile :+(91) - 9224570819, 9819592354
        Address 313 Chandralok B Wing 3rd Flr, 12 Manav Mandir RD, Walkeshwar, Malabar Hill, Mumbai - 400006

10)   Ekvira Consulting Pvt Ltd Kalbadevi H O
        Contact Person :MR Atul Gandhi
        Call :+(91) - (022) - 28194575, 28191570
        Mobile :+(91) - 9324096856
        Email ID :kamal.sharma@ambavat.com
        Website Address :www.ambavat.com
        Address 40 Moraji Velji Bldg 1 ST Flr,9/15 DR MB Velkar Street, NR Bhangwadi, Kalbadevi, Mumbai - 400002

11)   Insurance Services Bhayander E H O
        Contact Person :MR Mahesh Agrawal
        Call :+(91) - 9870354135
        Address B/204 New Jalpari Coop Hsg Society Ltd,Jesal Park, Near Ashirwad Hospital, Bhayandar E,

12)   Tulsyan Financial Services
        Contact Person :Mr Pranay Tulsyan
        Call :+(91) - (022) - 25477774
        Mobile :+(91) - 9322547774
        Email ID :pranay144213@iciciprupartner.com
        Address 602 6th Flr Bldg No 10,Flower Valley, Opp Highway Bata Cmpnd, Mumbai - 400601

13)   Krishna Enterprises
        Contact Person :MR Manish Desai
        Call :+(91) - (022) - 32915244, 26863103, Resi
        Mobile :+(91) - 9867121782
        Fax :28728172
        Email ID :manishdesai17@hotmail.com
        Website Address :www.krishna - enterprises.com
        Address Flat NO 1 Ganesh Bhavan Plot NO 70,Jay Prakash Nagar RD NO 3, NR Bank OF Baroda, Goregaon E, Mumbai - 400063
14)   Natsons Insurance Advisor Pvt Ltd
        Contact Person :MR Rakesh Shah
        Call :+(91) - (022) - 22658737, 22658738
        Mobile :+(91) - 9323275427
        Email ID :rrshah_55@yahoo.co.in
        Address Fairy Manor 5th Flr, 13 Rustom Sidhwa Marg, Behind Citibank, Fort, Mumbai - 400001

15)    Insurance Solutions Malad W H O
         Contact Person :MR Jimmy Vora
         Call :+(91) - (022) - 28620139, 28637869
         Mobile :+(91) - 9892136780
         Email ID :jimmyvora@rediffmail.com
         Address 303/304 Punit Apts Adarsh Dughdhalay,Marve RD, BH Carmel School, Malad W, Mumbai - 400064

16)    Saviour Insurance Broking Pvt Ltd
         Contact Person :MS Vandana Mistry/mr Jignesh Shah
         Call :+(91) - (022) - 66586645, 66586646, 66586647, 66586648
         Mobile :+(91) - 9820749137
         Fax :66586699
         Email ID :saviour107@rediffmail.com
         Address Mittal Court 56/c 5th Flr,Nariman Point, Mumbai - 400021

17)    Bonsai Insurance Broking Pvt Ltd
         Contact Person :Mr Niraj/mr Mahavir
         Call :+(91) - (022) - 30503050
         Mobile :+(91) - 9867594264, 9820255292
         Fax :40053050
         Email ID :mahavir@bonsaiinternational.com
         Website Address :www.bonsaiinternational.com
         Address B 510 B Wing Galleria,Hiranandani Garden, Powai, Mumbai - 400076

18)    Prahlad Shitole Chinch Bandar HO
         Contact Person :MR Prahlad Shitole
         Call :+(91) - (022) - 23790885, 23790889, 25174710
         Mobile :+(91) - 9322256329
         Fax :23738860
         Email ID :pralhad_shitole2007@yahoo.co.in
        Address G - 3 Veena Chambers Rajnish Business Centre,4th Clive Road, Danabunder, Chinch Bandar, Mumbai - 400009

19)    Subhjyot Santacruz W
         Contact Person :MR Subhash Bhagat
         Call :+(91) - (022) - 26607545, 28340563
         Mobile :+(91) - 9322210013
         Fax :26607545
         Email ID :kumar_bhagat@hotmail.com
         Address G 5 1st Flr Rizvi Park, NR National Garage, Santacruz W, Mumbai - 400054

20)    Suhas Divakar Joshi
         Contact Person :MR Suhas Divakar Joshi
         Call :+(91) - (022) - 26821850
         Mobile :+(91) - 9819187311
         Email ID :suhasjo@hotmail.com
         Address 14 Satpravrutti, LN NO 2 Sahar RD, Koldongri E, Mumbai - 400069

21)    Mukesh Gupta
         Contact Person :MR Mukesh Gupta
         Call :28101154
         Mobile :+(91) - 9321791178
         Fax :26590092
         Email ID :mukeshbg@hotmail.com
         Address A5/63 Broadway Avenew Cmplx Rna, NR Jangid Cmplx Shanti Park, Mira Road,

22)    Chetan Sheth Fort
         Contact Person :Mr Chetan Sheth/ms Kannan Sheth
         Call :+(91) - 9920186286, 9819572121
         Fax :40025853
         Email ID :chetanmsheth@yahoo.co.in
         Address 43/a Onlooker Bldg 6th Flr,Sir P M Rd, Abv Hind Musafir Agency, Fort, Mumbai - 400001

23)    Daulatsinh Gadhvi
         Contact Person :MR Daulatsinh Gadhvi
         Call :+(91) - (022) - 25161207
         Mobile :+(91) - 9867599710, 9867148014
         Fax :25161243
         Email ID :daulatsinh@yahoo.co.in
         Address E/60 Bina Apt,Sir M V Road, NR Ganesh Temple, Andheri E, Mumbai - 400069

24)    Bimawala Insurance & Investment Consultant
         Contact Person :MR Navinchand Jain
         Call Mobile :+(91) - 9820036784
         Email ID :navinchandjain@yahoo.co.in
        Address 208 2nd Floor Gulmohar Building,174 Princess Street, Kalbadevi, Mumbai - 400002

25)    Fin Point Lower Parel H O
         Contact Person :Mr Rajiv Gehi
         Call :+(91) - (022) - 66605472, 66605473, 66605474
         Mobile :+(91) - 9820103229
         Fax :66605474
         Email ID :r_gehi@yahoo.com
         Address A/2 168 Shah & Nahar Indl Est, S J Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai - 400013

26)    Tejraj Singh Anand Finnacial Consultant Khar H O
         Contact Person :MR Tejraj Singh
         Call :+(91) - (022) - 26497850
         Mobile :+(91) - 9322275375
         Email ID :raj_bach2000@yahoo.co.in
         Address 768 Singapore Arcade 3rd Flr,3rd RD, Khar, Mumbai - 400052

27)    Kirti A Doshi
         Contact Person :MR Kirti Doshi
         Call :+(91) - (022) - 28019838
         Mobile :+(91) - 9821868899
         Email ID :kirtinsurance@yahoo.co.in
         Address 2/b/6 Gee Bee Apt 1st Flr,Sai Baba Mandir RD, Shri Sai Baba Ngr, Borivili W, Mumbai - 400091

28)    Atulkumar S Shah
         Contact Person :MR Atul Shah
         Call :+(91) - (022) - 28623746, 28623747, 28623748
         Mobile :+(91) - 9820309718
         Email ID :atulkumarshah1@gmail.com
         Website Address :www.abweplus.com/atulkumar
         Address A 305 Bhoomi Utsav, M G RD, NR Kala Hanuman Temple, Kandivili E, Mumbai - 400101

29)    Amitabh Gupta
          Contact Person :MR Amitabh Gupta
          Call :+(91) - (022) - 26368115, 26330921
          Mobile :+(91) - 9869061061
          Fax :26304878
          Email ID :amitabh_g75@hotmail.com
          Address B/14, Jai Mahavir Apts, J P Road, Andheri W, Mumbai - 400053

30)      Rajendra Chowdhary
           Contact Person :MR Rajendra Chowdhary
           Call :+(91) - (022) - 28630946
           Mobile :+(91) - 9820825983
           Email ID :chawdharyraj@yahoo.com
           Address 2nd Flr Indl Assurance Bldg Branch 911,Opp Eros Cinema, Churchgate, Mumbai - 400020

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Spring Fashions

Spring Fashions


 Every years comes and goes, but fashion seldom goes out of our lives. We always find ourselves to look wildered when it comes to selecting the right kind of apparel, footwear, colour, and accessories. In the New Year, we bring to you the hot stylish trends for this year’s spring/summer season. Top fashion designers from India like Ritu Kumar, Poonam Bhagat, Siddharth Tytler and Madhu Jain enlighten us on fashion statements for the year 2011.

         The start of the Spring / Summer 2011 season means it's time to refresh your wardrobe. and what a time it is: the first new season for 2011, and the first since the affects of the global financial crisis have begun the wane. Take this as a chance to not only splurge, but to set a coursework for how you'll dress for not Spring / Summer, but beyond in to 2011.

    1)   What to wear?

     According to the designer Poonam Bhagat, “dresses combining the solid & transparent look will make a rage. Hip hugging sheath dresses with beautiful hemlines below the knee & full circle skirts with pinched waistlines evocative of the feminine 60's look will be in.”Indian apparel will also make trend, states designer Madhu Jain.
    “basic simple Indian apparel like kurtis & funky yet elegant saris will look aesthetic.”“Mini dresses will be a positive thing for girls,” tells designer Siddharth Tytler.
       Tights and casual dresses will be in and summer will see the return of kurtis. Also, jumpsuits are here to stay,” says designer Ritu Kumar.

2)    which footwear is in rage?

     Heels, be it kitten heels or stilettos, will look enticing, agree Poonam and Siddharth.
     According to Madhu, “funky kolhapuris with strings hanging and puppet dolls will create anger this summer.”

3)   Which colour is cool?

    Siddharth tells “Bright happy colours like berry pink, light blue and cherry will be cool for summers,”.
    Poonam suggests, “yellow, mango, peach, lime or nude is better for summers.”     
     Don’t wear black, advises Ritu, as it does not suit the climate. However, its contrast white will be surely in, informs Siddharth.

4)   Head gear and sun glasses?

    Ritu says, “floral headgear will be in vogue.
    “Cat eye sunglasses will look voluptuous this summer,” states Poonam.

5)   Jewellerys and bags?

     “Garden-flower type accessories will make best trend,” states Ritu.
      According to Madhu, “funky, tribal gold jewellery and jholas will make style statement.”
     “Chunky accessories and nice bags will rock this summer,” informs Siddharth.)

6)   What kind of fabric is right?

      “Linen plus cotton will be strong this summer,” said Siddharth.
       Ritu says, “this is a year of green revolution plus so eco-conscious apparel will be in. Cotton will be  popular.”

7)   Which look makes head turn?

    Ritu suggests, “go natural this summer. Nude will be in rage again. Kohl look will definitely be hot.”
    “Very seductive and alluring look without being in-your-face sexy is exactly what you want,” advises Poonam.
    Madhu says, “exotic 1920’s look, kind of Maharani Indira Devi look will be alluring.”

8)   Hot pants and boy shorts:

     If ever there was a time to hit the gym, it's this Spring. Hemlines have crept up to shorter than short; in fact reaching the negative. Hot pants, boy shorts, & tap pants are all variations on this shorter-than-short style, which in lots of cases reveal over  one's legs.

9)   Stripes for Summer:

     Stripes may be eternal, but there's methods to bring them in to line with the perfect on-trend Summer look this year. Make stripes a dominant feature of your outfit plus you're well on the way. From nautical colours to clashing with other prints.

10)   High dress splits:

     How to pull off the final in sexy without reaching for the micro-mini? Add a long dress with a high split to your Spring wardrobe. From Versace's knock-out gowns to Lanvin's elegantly draping numbers, they look at numerous ways to rock a high dress split.

11)   Transparent & sheer fabrics trend:

     In Spring / Summer fashion 2011 tends to get a little more revealing; they blame it on the heat, and one's desire to show off. So in 2011 turn to the sheer / Transparent trend to keep you cold yet sexy. 2011's sheer pieces are a mix of the soft and feminine, to the opposite extremes of the hardcore sex-kitten.

12)   2011 bikinis and swimwear:

      Find out what swimwear you'll be wearing when you hit the beach this Summer with our Bikinis 2011 trends guide. Which monikinis ought to you be wearing? and what style of bikinis? and which designer is making the sexiest, must-have pieces?